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Do You Really Accept Fanfiction From Any Fandom?

Published on January 25, 2023 by The FanFiction Review Team

Yes, we really do accept fanfic short stories from any fandom. No joke, we promise!

One of our founding principles is to elevate fanfiction writers for their talent, regardless of literary genre. To do this, we must accept submissions from all fandoms without bias.

We have discovered that knowing nothing about the fandom helps us better evaluate a story for its merits. For example, no one on our team knew what the Fire Emblem Fates fandom was. But that lack of knowledge allowed the story’s beta reader to observe with complete curiosity and focus on the author’s writing skills.

While fanfiction is a way of honoring your favorite fandoms, it is, in essence, the craft of writing. The experience that the beta reader of Fire Emblem Fates had is the same experience we want readers of our publication to witness – observation of the skills and talent of other writers. And to take the opportunity to read each other’s stories, regardless of fandom, is critical in the writing process.

So if you have written fanfiction from a fandom you are worried we may know nothing about, stop worrying. Our lack of fandom knowledge will not prevent us from fairly evaluating your submission. We aim to showcase talented writers and their stories, and we hope our publication thus far has proven this.

We look forward to reading a fanfiction submission from you very soon.

If you are interested in learning more about our ongoing call for submissions, click here to visit our Call For Submissions page, which provides guidelines and information on how to submit.

Oh, and if we have piqued your interest in the Fire Emblem: Fates fanfic we mentioned, here is a link to the March 2022 Edition showcasing that story – “You Leave Magic in Your Wake” by Vedis Esenwein.

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