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What Are The FanFiction Review’s Favorite Ships?

Published on February 14, 2023 by The FanFiction Review Team

This is by far one of our favorite questions we have received. Our Team had a wonderful time discussing their favorite ship from all the fandoms we enjoy, naming our favorite ship, and defending why it is the best ship ever.

Below is a list of each team member’s favorite ship and a short statement of why. Enjoy!

Image showcasing Anne's favorite ship - Mikey and Andy from The Goonies.

Mikey and Andy

From The Goonies

“I absolutely love this ship and always have since I was a teenager. The moment when Andy mistakenly kisses Mikey is amazing. His reaction to the kiss is precisely how I thought people reacted after receiving their first kiss. Now being an adult and experiencing my first kiss, I know that is not true. But this ship keeps that dream alive!” – Anne

William T. Riker and Deanna Troi

From Star Trek: The Next Generation

“This is a timeless ship. Anyone with an affinity with Star Trek is hard-pressed not to rank this one in their top three.” – J. Franklin

Image showcasing J Franklin's favorite ship - William T. Riker and Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation
Image showcasing James' favorite ship - Eddie and Susannah Dean from The Dark Tower Series.

Eddie and Susannah Dean

From The Dark Tower Series

“An ex-junkie only clean because he’s in a new world without heroin.  An upper-crust lady and her predatory second personality, now synthesized into a stronger personality but missing her lower legs on account of a train accident.  Both pulled out of their worlds (New York), out of their times (1964 for her, 1987 for him), and tasked with supporting their new world’s last living Gunslinger – equal parts Jedi and Knight Errant – as he strives to save the world.  A match made in heaven.” – James

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

From Batman The Animated Series

“These two are the OGs of gal-pals. I can remember watching Batman The Animated Series and being fascinated with their dynamic. How many times did Harley go back to ‘Mister J’ only to be thrown to the side once he was done using her? And how many times was Poison Ivy there telling her how down low and rotten The Joker was? Maybe it is because art imitates life, but their storyline was one that has always been relatable for me.” – Cat

Image showcasing Cat's favorite ship - Poison Ivy and Harley Quiin from Batman The Animated Series.
Image showcasing Ken's favorite ship - Jack Ryan and Cathy Mueller from the Tom Clancy Books and Harrison Ford movies.

Jack Ryan and Cathy Mueller

From The Tom Clancy Book and Harrison Ford Movies

“Enough said.” – Ken

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