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What Is The #1 Reason
FanFiction Stories Get Rejected?

Published on March 21, 2023 by The FanFiction Review Team

The #1 reason fanfiction stories are not considered (or rejected) for our publication is that the fanfic story does not comply with our submission guidelines. Surprisingly, about 25% of fanfic stories do not satisfy our call for submissions guidelines or manuscript formatting requirements upon submission. This means as long as your fanfiction story meets both sets of policies, it will move to the next step in our consideration process.

What Guidelines Must A FanFiction Story Meet For Consideration?

Every fanfic story submitted for consideration in our publication must meet two sets of requirements: submission guidelines and manuscript formatting. Below are the details for each. 

Submission Guidelines

FanFiction Review accepts fanfiction stories of 7,500 words or less published on user-generated websites/platforms that do not require exclusive copyright licenses. 

We accept multiple submissions from an author as well as translations. 

FanFiction Review DOES NOT ACCEPT fanfic stories that have themes of bdsm, erotica, heat, incest, non-con, pwp, smut, or anything else that may be a trigger to readers.

Click here to view the Submission Guidelines published on the FanFiction Review website

Manuscript Formatting

The text of your fanfiction story must be formatted in a sans-serif or serif font.

FanFiction Review only accepts fanfic stories saved as a rich-text format (.rtf) file, Word document (.docx), or PDF (.pdf). 

Click here to view the Manuscript Formatting requirements published on the FanFiction Review website.



Additionally, here are a few questions and answers to some questions we have received about our submission guidelines. 

What If My FanFiction Story Features Themes That Are Not Accepted?

 If your fanfic story includes themes that our guidelines could consider unacceptable but need more clarification, we encourage you to contact our team directly. We understand that many fanfiction authors like to showcase the “not-so-Mary Sue” version of their favorite ship, and Fanfiction Review supports every author’s right to do so.

Click here to contact us via our Contact Page to discuss your story’s content. 

What If My FanFic Story Is More Than 7,500 Words?

If your fanfiction story is more than 7,500 words, we will not consider it for publication. 

You may be thinking, “What if the fanfic story is only a few words over?” In that case, we would not reject the fanfiction. If you are over the word limit, please remember that this is a passion project managed by volunteers.

How Do I Make Sure My FanFiction Story Isn’t Immediately Rejected? 

Follow the submission guidelines and manuscript formatting requirements.

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