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It’s National Poetry Month

Published on April 6, 2023 by The FanFiction Review Team

That’s right. It is officially National Poetry Month. And as first-time participants in the celebration, we decided to jump feet first into the pool’s deep end. 

Poetry Challenge

While none of us on the FanFiction Review Team consider ourselves poets (or anything close), we decided to have fun and challenge our team to write fanfiction poetry. We randomly selected two individuals to participate in the challenge. And the lucky two are Anne Noble and J. Franklin Park.

Over the next two weeks, Anne and J. Franklin will compose fanfiction poetry. Once completed, we will publish the works on our social media ( Facebook and YouTube) and blog for you to read and comment on. Later in the month, we will post reviews by fellow FanFiction Review team members. So make sure to check back and compare notes with our assessments.

Also, we have given Anne and J. Franklin free rein. We don’t know how many words their poems will be or what fandom they will honor. Together, we will learn about Anne and J. Franklin’s choices. This is going to be fun!

Share Your Poetry With Us

Have you posted or thinking about posting your fanfiction poetry on social media? Then tag us, and we will review your work! 

▪ On Facebook, in the comments, add @FanFictionReview or #fanficpoem

▪ On YouTube, in the comments or description, add @FanFictionReview or #fanficpoem

FanFiction Review Accepts Poetry for The Publication

Did you know that FanFiction Review accepts poetry submissions? We do. So if you have written fanfic poetry, think about submitting it for consideration in our publication. We’d love to read it.

We’ve Published FanFiction Poetry in the Past

If you didn’t know we accept fanfiction poetry, you might not know that we have published fanfiction poetry in a past edition. Click here to access “Stolen Moments” by Kim Malinowski from the October 2022 Edition. We highly recommend you check it out.

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