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Do I own the rights to my fanfiction after publication?

Published on April 18, 2023 by The FanFiction Review Team

Yes, you will always own the rights to your fanfiction. We do not require you to transfer ownership to FanFiction Review ever. Your fanfiction is your fanfiction. Period.

What About the Terms and Conditions I Agree to When I Submit My FanFiction?

There is no language in the FanFiction Review Terms and Conditions policy that “tricks” you into giving us or any other entity ownership of your fanfiction. Click here to read FanFiction Review’s Terms and Conditions in full.

Is There A User Agreement?

Yes, we do have a User Agreement. Within the User Agreement is a section that outlines in detail your rights as the author of the fanfiction short story submitted and accepted for publication. You will only “sign” the User Agreement if your fanfiction short story is selected for publication.

Following is part of the Authorship section of the FanFiction Review User Agreement for you to refer to.

1.1.Authorship. You retain any ownership rights you had in the Content at the time you provided it through the Services. You agree to only share writing, images and other expression (“Content”) that you have the right to use and share. You will not share Content if it violates anyone’s intellectual property rights or privacy. If you have been authorized to share Content from another party, you agree that you will only share that Content if you know and can verify the original author of the Content, and they have authorized you to enter into this Agreement with regards to their Content.

The bottom line is…

you retained ownership of your fanfiction short story. We will never ask you to transfer ownership to FanFiction Review.

If you have a question on ownership or FanFiction Review in general, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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