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Did You Spot the Differences In The Latest Edition of FanFiction Review?

Published on April 13, 2023 by The FanFiction Review Team

No, this isn’t a Highlights puzzle or a test to see if you should be admitted to MENSA. We honestly would like to know if you could spot the differences in the March 2023 Edition compared to the previous ones. 

While some of the differences were obvious, some were more subtle. And no, plastering this Edition in shades of magenta was not one of the changes. However, it was an interesting decision in the art direction. 

As remarked in the March 2023 Edition’s Note From the Editor, “We’ve been motivated since then [the launch in 2021] to evolve our strategy to create higher-quality publications that honor the confidence our authors place in us to showcase their skills. And this sixth Edition and our efforts thus far in 2023 are precisely that – the next chapter of FanFiction Review.” 

We understand that creating a visually engaging publication is the first step in attracting a broader audience. And this is our attempt to do precisely that.

So with that said, did you spot the three significant differences from earlier editions? Even if you aren’t sure or missed them entirely, here is a recap of the improvements. 

3 Differences To Spot In the March 2023 Edition

Images Throughout The Publication

This is our most obvious difference/improvement in the March 2023 Edition. Even if you only flip open the cover, you will notice the increased use of visual images. 

Believe it or not, the heavy use of visuals was never in the cards of FanFiction Review. Initially, we intended to create an effortless publication with much white space believing the simple design would enhance the overall appeal. Then we realized all that blank space made for a highly dull publication, which was the opposite of what we had planned.

Seeing the March 2023 Edition in all its magnificent magenta makes us very proud. And we are eager to continue to showcase exciting visuals that will complement the fanfiction we feature.

Order of Content / Layout

Since the inception of FanFiction Review, we have debated in what order the publication’s content should be. If you are familiar with past Editions, you know that initially we featured a fanfiction, then presented its complementing review immediately after. But this never felt 100% correct. 

When we decided to improve the publication, this was one of the top issues we decided to tackle. Our mission is to feature highly skilled writing, not our own musings, so we decided to do precisely what we set out to do in the first place – showcase talented fanfiction writers. 

Contributors Page 

Adding the Contributors Page is another difference/improvement we are delighted with. Designing a spread to honor our featured authors, art contributors, and FanFiction Review Team just felt right. The Contributors Page is meant to be an amalgamation of everyone who put effort into that Edition, and we hope that we have created that type of space for those involved. We will continue to use the Contributors Page as a way to express the people involved in the making of the Publication.

More on the Horizon

There are many more differences/improvements for FanFition Review. While these may not be earth-shattering or life-changing, we hope every change demonstrates our commitment to our featured writers and the fanfiction community.

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