What is …

FanFiction Review?

If you are asking yourself, “What is FanFiction Review, and what is it all about?” The simple answer is it is about paying fanfic its dues.

Our website provides writers (like yourself) the opportunity to submit fanfiction stories for literary review.

Every quarter, we publish a handful of selected fanfiction short stories on our website. We publish these stories as submitted by the author/submitter to preserve the original intention. Accompanying each story is a short review/critique of the work. Each review/critique focuses on concepts such as character development, use of themes and motifs, plot, conflict, etc.

Most importantly, we want to emphasize that our reviews/ critiques will not be negative, repugnant, or humiliating. We do not believe that writing a review/ critique of that nature is good for the fanfiction community or humanity. Our aim at FanFiction Review is to uplift creatives that enjoy fanfiction and provide he/she/them with an opportunity to experience the traditional literary process that is not as widely available to fanfiction. Regardless of writing experience, we encourage all fanfiction writers who would like to submit an original manuscript to please do. We mean it when we say we aren’t interested in the next New York Times Bestseller, just passionate short stories based on your favorite fandom.

What is the Process From Submission to Publication?

After a fanfiction short story is submitted to FanFictionReview.com, our Team is immediately notified. We first perform a preliminary proofread of the submitted story. If it passes the proofread, we will then review it for content. During this review, our Team will determine if the submitted manuscript will be accepted for publication.

If the story is selected, we will reach out directly to the author/submitter to inform he/she/them of our decision, next steps, and tentative publication date.

Want to know More About FanFiction Review?

If you want to know about FanFiction Review – what we do, how we do it, what we believe in, or our favorite fandom, please feel free to contact us via our Contact Page.

We also encourage you to visit our FAQs Page to see if your question may be one of our most commonly asked questions about FanFiction Review.