Always Accepting Your FanFiction Short Stories

FanFiction Review is a triannual publication released on the first Wednesday of March, June, and October.

Submissions are rolling/ongoing, so we reserve the right to accept your story and publish it in any future edition – not just the subsequent publication.

If your story is accepted for an upcoming publication, our Team will notify you.

Submission Guidelines

What You Need To Know Before Submitting Your FanFic

FanFiction Review accepts fanfiction short stories of 7,500 words or less published on user-generated websites/platforms that do not require exclusive copyright licenses. That means if the story you would like to submit is published on AO3,, Wattpad, Tumblr, etc., we will accept it.

We welcome multiple submissions. However, if one of your stories is selected, you will not be re-published on until four publication cycles have passed.

Translations are welcome, if permission has been granted.

We DO NOT ACCEPT bdsm, erotica, heat, incest, non-con, pwp, smut, or any other theme that may be a trigger to readers.

How To Format Your Manuscript For Submission

Ensure We Can Open And Read Your FanFic

Apply the following formatting to the file you submit for consideration.

• Text in a sans serif or serif font; and

• File saved as a rich-text format (.rtf) file, Word (.docx), or PDF (.pdf)

Still Have A Question

No problem. We suggest you visit our FAQs page for answers to the most commonly asked questions about FanFiction Review. Or reach out to us directly via our Contact page.

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