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Welcome to FanFiction Review

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Takes FanFiction Seriously

FanFiction Review aims to grant fanfiction writers the opportunity to submit stories for literary review and publication.

And to do this, we source short stories from fanfiction writers just like you. We aren’t interested in the next New York Times Bestseller, just passionate fanfic short stories based on your favorite fandom.

Want to Submit a FanFiction Short Story?

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Below we have provided vital information you need to know to submit a fanfiction short story to us for consideration.

You can also click on the links to our Call for Submissions and FAQs pages in the menu to learn even more about our submissions process.

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Call for Submissions

Regardless of what fandom you write about, we would relish the opportunity to read your work.

And the best part is, our call for submissions is ongoing. FanFiction Review relies on writers like you for amazing content as a quarterly publication, so we are always accepting short stories for an upcoming edition.

If you are interested in learning more about our call for submissions, we encourage you to visit our Call for Submissions page. Here you will find information on our publication schedule, deadlines for editions, and submission guidelines.

Tips for Interested Writers

Interested in submitting a fanfiction short story to us? Here are four indispensable tips for getting your manuscript through our consideration process.



Check it once. Check it twice. And get a second set of eyes on it if you can. Bad grammar can distract from your storytelling abilities, so make sure you conduct a thorough grammar check before submitting.


Word Count

We do not accept stories with a word count of more than 7,500 words.



We request that all submitted stories be formatted as follows 1) double-spaced pages, 2) “typed” in a sans serif font, and 3) file types rich-text format (.rtf) file or PDF.



We’ve said it once, so we’ll say it twice …. check your grammar.

Ready to Submit Your FanFiction?

If you are ready to submit your fanfiction short story, visit our submission portal.

However, if you still have questions about FanFiction Review, we encourage you to visit our FAQs page. Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions. And if you can’t find the answer to your question there, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your soonest convenience.

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